Exhibition, 20th February - 18 March 2017



Luis Venegas is the creative director, editor and publisher of Fanzine137, EY! Magateen, C nd, The Printed Dog and EY! Boy Collection. Venegas is based in Madrid and since 2004 he’s channeled his energies into publishing his personal editorial projects and working as a freelance professional, mostly for fashion brands. An independent self-published editor, his magazines -always released as limited editions- are available only in a few selected shops and bookstores around the world.

Luis Venegas declares “curating an art exhibition isn’t so different than editing a magazine. I decided to invite some of my favorite artists in the world to be part of this show, mixing some of the “big names” that have often contributed to my magazines with newer generations that I was very keen to collaborate with. That’s also how I always do my publications.

My magazines have often been identi ed as queer and -even if that hasn’t been intentional- I like it. Pink has an undeniable pretty queer history and I thought it’d be fun to transform colette’s regular blue logo into pink and also go forward and “dip” colette with artworks created under many shades of pink. Pink has a sweet, soft quality but it can also be controversial. I’ve always loved that duality in pink.

colette was the rst store anywhere in the world to order copies of my rst Fanzine137 issue back in 2004 and our relationship has remained excellent since then”.

Ryker Allen, Biel Capllonch, Gary Card, Pierre Ange Carlotti, Ryan Caruthers, Lia Clay, Filip Custic, Nils Dunkel, Kostis Fokas, Nan Goldin, Dafy Hagai, Benjamin Alexander Huseby, Toyin Ibidapo, Inez & Vinoodh, Logan Jackson, Kris Knight, Marcelo Krasilcic, Jordi Labanda, Matt Lambert, Dexter Lander + Ibrahim Kamara, Jonas Lindstroem, Luigi & Luca, Andrew Mania, Leon Mark, Claudia Maté, Thomas McCarty + June Kim, Albert Moya, Kito Muñoz, Mel Odom, Jack Pierson, Lorena Prain, Terry Richardson, Daniel Riera, Robi Rodríguez, Leo Rydell Jost, Reto Schmid, Tabboo!, Juergen Teller, Guillermo Turell Yarur, Tyler Udall, Ellen von Unwerth, Winter Vandenbrink, Luis Venegas, Bruce Weber, William Wegman, Wilfrid Wood, Grand Perrio Bebé Xiao Diamond White Cotton Ka’Iulani Vewins, Eric Zindorf

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