Spray N°2 : Le Volume

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David Mallett has just launched Spray No.2: LE VOLUME, an all-purpose volume spray, and the first product from his new volume-boosting hair series.

The No.2 series will focus entirely on products that add volume, body, and manageability to the hair. It builds on the successful No.1 series which specialized in moisture, texture, and control.

The Spray No.2: LE VOLUME has been developed for use in his exclusive Paris hair salon where it is enjoyed by David’s fashionable clientele.

The Spray No.2 contains a complex time-release formula using the highest quality ingredients, derived from Nori seaweed, to guarantee long-lasting structure and stability for the hair. Nori is derived from a powerful seaweed called Rhodophyta, which was originally used as a source of nutritional and medicinal power in ancient China.

The many benefits of the Spray No.2 include that it allows a hairstyle to retain its stability while providing maximum volume, permitting a natural movement and giving it a wonderful shine.

The hair is able to breathe and bounce; it does not feel or look glued together. It feels thicker, more alive and has significantly more volume.

The Spray No.2 also protects individual hair fibres from dehydration and external environmental factors, which means that the hair stays healthy. The product’s nutritive composition offers long lasting regeneration, strengthens the hair and gives it a beautiful, healthy looking shine.

It’s an extremely versatile volume spray which can be used as a light finishing and defining spray, extending the life of a blow-dry. Styling and volume last longer. Alternatively, on dry hair, it can help to model and accentuate curls, and be used as a styling finish product. The Spray No.2 represents a practical way to enjoy the benefits of the signature David Mallett style away from the salon.