Face/Neck Moisturizing Protective Factor

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Joëlle Ciocco isn't just a beautician, she's a cosmetic scientist with a background spanning over 30 years experience researching the effects of biological and vegetable ingredients.
Her 100% natural skin care range is based upon vegetable ingredients, all of which can be personalized for assorted skin types.

Ultra light Emulsion designed to establish a protective moisturizing film for the skin by osmotic inclusion of a selection of proteins from the sea world, which contribute to stimulate the water retention effect of the cutaneous barrier; a protective filter against pollution and rays helps the sensitive maintenance of this balance, in internal and external stress of the skin’s tissues.

Supple and gentle, it effectively protects the skin from the aggressive and polluted climate environment, it is used in the morning after the lotion to find one's skin comfort in dampness. Allows to protect oneself from the colouring agents of make-up and to keep skin balance which is maintained in a surprising way over the hours of the skin’s life.

Composition in Active ingredients :
- Shea butter and Vegetable Fatty Acids,
- Jojoba Oil,
- Avocado Oil,
- Vitamin A in palmitate,
- Vitamin E and F,
- Silicon,
- Selection of protein chains from Marine Biology,
- Pink Geranium Essence,
- UVA / UVB Filter."