Serum Booster Micro-Fluid

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Serum gel with fast penetration. Ultra light texture with a large concentration in active ingredients to optimize internal and external cutaneous respiratory exchanges.

These ingredients gather molecules of stimulations or contributions to establish a better exchange of the skin’s respiratory rhythm facing different aggressions which alter its vital cycle, ( light , heat, pollution, make-up, etc.).

In the action of restoring the ecosystem of the skin’s gaseous exchanges, its moisturization and nutrition are protected. This is a real boost for the brightness of the complexion and its invigoration.

The whole formula forms an Intermediary of energy based on cell breathing to facilitate the application and multiply the activity of successive skincare treatment (day and night creams). Because of its fast penetration the Serum Booster protects the tissue cornea of the outside aggressions, because its activity is carried out in depth; it is recommended to follow up by a cream.