Lotion Hydrogel Plus

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Joëlle Ciocco isn't just a beautician, she's a cosmetic scientist with a background spanning over 30 years experience researching the effects of biological and vegetable ingredients.
Her 100% natural skin care range is based upon vegetable ingredients, all of which can be personalized for assorted skin types.

This gel lotion soaks the skin’s upper layers in anti-oxidant and maintains the " Natural Moisture" mechanism to prolong or restore its activity of moisturization and establishes anti-radical protection necessary for the functions of the body for skin protection.

It has been demonstrated that the loss of acidity in the skin’s PH and the peroxidation of lipids produced at the cutaneous level provokes an aggression which causes drying or protection imbalance. It is one of the causes of tissue ageing and consequently entails a decrease in its defence barrier function. This cutaneous disfunctioning propagates surface radicals inwards into the skin. The functions are damaged in oxygenation (respiratory exchanges) but so are the fibroblasts, hence there is a decline in collagen capacity, loss of tissue elasticity, appearance of wrinkles, an important role for these very efficient agents against peroxidation.

Very recommended after excess of heat on the skin (sport, sun, etc.). The solution to skin imperfection problems. It improves pigmentary reflection. It is also very appreciated as an aftershave, non photo sensitive.

Warn of small sensations or tingling which is normal on application, because this active ingredient restores the acid mechanism to the skin.
Do not forget the cleavage after sun and the tops of the hands.

Composition in Active ingredients :
- Concentrated Aloe Extract Gel,
- Alpha hydroxyl fruits,
- NMF Extracts ( natural moisturizing factor),
- Allantoin,
- Anti-ageing Active Ingredient Composition."