"Aromatic Lotion" for face and neck

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"Aromatic Lotion" for face and neck JOELLE CIOCCO

Joëlle Ciocco, biochemist born in Paris, has been devoting herself for 30 years to the study of the skin ecosystem: the identity of the cutaneous envelope and the existence and the maintenance of the skinecosystem. She personalizes by means of cosmetology precursory anti-aging treatments. She created the Epidermology® Method, an authentic study that evaluates the skin’s nutritional requirements thereby establishing the right kind of cosmetic products for the skin. She draws her discoveries from the understanding of the interactions between the skin and the cosmetics, both in vitro and in vivo.
- "Aromatic Lotion" for face and neck
- Formulated with Sage Extracts, Rosemary extracts, Grapefruit extracts, Preparation of Moisturizing Marine Active Ingredients, Arginine (amino acids)
- Action: Awakening morning lotion, the Aromatic Lotion tightens skin pores, purifies the skin from the toxins of the night, duplicates the natural anti-oxidant protection of the skin’s film, and prepares well the skin for the application of a cream
- Use: Apply the Aromatic Lotion in the morning with a piece of cotton on your face, repeat in order to obtain a real protection of the skin and to tighten the skin grain
- Bottle
- Capacity : 200ml