Travel Tube "Jasmin 17"

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Travel Tube Jasmin 17"

Can't leave home without Le Labo?
We know how hard the separation can be, so the brand has created a vintage, metal Le Labo travel tube to protect your new 10ml spray.
The utilitarian case is as slick as it is heavy, yet created for those who travel light.
Whatever... it is just perfect, because there was no way airport security was going to prevent us from traveling together, mon amour!

This natural Jasmine is the floral perfume par excellence, and was created as a modern alternative to the old-fashioned traditional floral signatures. Its short formula gives it such a distinctive character that once you wear it, you’ll never forget it.

A unique floral impact whose sensuality and femininity is amplified by a majestically harmonious chord of musk, sandalwood and vanilla. We refuse all responsibility for any havoc this perfume might create in your circle of male friends…"

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