"Resist me" Eau de Parfum

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Liaison de Parfum is a line of fragrances inspired by the intimacy of relationships and the passionate dialogue conjured during such connections. Each scent is a personal love letter, roused by the emotion that an individual experiences at different stages of life and love, and inherent of the human exchange. The result is a great romance with a fragrance, with a lover and with the self.
The Liaison de Parfum fragrances are created in France. Following and maintaining the tradition of the European parfumerie, scents are derived from only the highest quality ingredients and created by the great care of passionate individuals who love what they do.

A fragrance for an alluring elegance, with a base of sandal wood, leather and musk and a heart of of cedar, patchouli, iris and geranium. Topped with bergamot, lemon, tangerine, imortelle and lavender.
For the sophisticated woman of experience, intelligence and a bold confidence. 

Come closer
listen the song of skin
versed in the passion of forever
surrender to the melody of time's bliss
to the presence of she
who has tempted the longing of untold minds
you can try but you won't
Resist me.

Resist me
Leather, cedar, Laban, bergamot, lemon, tangerine immortal, patchouli, iris, giranium, musk, sandalwood.