"Luxor Oud" eau de parfum

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Clara and John Molloy founded Memo in 2007 : A collection of scents from afar that now boasts eleven fragrances, it takes a destination and makes it the point of departure for a sense-awakening epic. With Alienor Massenet, nose of the  brand, they see fragrance as a means of taking a magical journey, extended beyond its end and constantly retravelled. Memo is the name of this pirate ship. Memo for memory, giving the fragrance a direct link with that state of reminiscence and sensitivity specific to travel and discovery that the expression “The journey is the destination” captures the spirit well.
- "Luxor Oud" eau de parfum
- Olfactive pyramid: Oil of mandarin, red berries, rose, oil of cypriol heart, rockrose absolute, oil of patchouli, styrax resin, tonka bean, our accord
- Spray bottle
- Capacity : 75ml
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