Rich Cream

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This cream has exceptional nutritional richness in a selection in Omegas, the most emollient and the sweetest oils to feed the body skin and preserve a protection film against drying. An anti-ageing and anti-oxidizing cocktail ensures the moisturizing repairing effect which allows the body skin to fight against ageing, notably the efficient anti-keratolitics for the maintenance of its moisture balance and fading.

It leaves the skin in a sweet powdery fragrance from the OMEGAs and Natural Amber-Vanilla-Musk Oil.

Function/ Action :
· Lecithin : phyto stero emollient.
· Wheatgerm Extract : Vitamin E.F.PP. contribution
· Sweet Almond Oil Extract : soothing, nourishing, anti-inflammatory.
· Borage and Red Palm Oils : nourishing contributions in oleic acid, nourishing in OMEGA 3 and 6.
· Silicon : anti-keratolitic protein power, natural moisturizer.
· Marshmallow : powerful anti-inflammatory emollient, facilitates the passage of Omegas.