Balance purifying cleanser for face

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Balance purifying cleanser for face COLBERT M.D.

Established in private practice in New York City since 1995, Dr. Colbert began his medical studies at La Faculty of Medicine of Lille in France. Before establishing himself in private practice in Manhattan, Dr. Colbert studied and lived in Paris, where he was a dermatological research consultant for Chanel. The Colbert M.D. “Daily Nutrition for Skin” skin care line was researched and developed by Dr. Colbert and a leading chemist, whose principle challenge was to deliver key nutrients and antioxidants to the dermis while still in their potent active state. Their patented QuSome™ delivery allows the ingredients to remain active until they have been totally absorbed and have fully contributed to the cell regeneration process. This technology renders Colbert M.D. products uniquely effective at delivering the energy of nature—through the power of science. The result is a skin care line that fights inflammation, slows aging, and restores the skin to its visible radiance, clarity and tone.
- Refreshing cleanser with anti-aging benefits. The perfect preparation for the Colbert M.D. regimen
- Key Ingredients : Ginkgo biloba purifies skin while providing anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial benefits, lactic Acid Provides gentle daily exfoliation, allantoin Acts as an anti-irritant and protector while enabling healthy cell growth,
Bisabolol soothes, conditions and balances complexion
- Removes oil and surface impurities while providing a daily concentration of anti-aging benefits
- Leaves skin smooth, supple and clean and ready for the Colbert M.D. regimen
- Apply in a circular motion to damp face. Rinse well with warm water and pat dry
- Tube
- Capacity : 150ml
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